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Klättring i höghöjdsbana på Upzone


  • Before booking, it is important that you have read and understood our booking rules. The one making the reservation is responsible for informing other participants about our rules before you complete your booking.
    You will find our
    booking terms here.

  • Our opening hours vary depending on how many bookings we have. The high season usually lasts from the end of March to the beginning of November.

    To see available days, look in each park’s booking calendar. If the day you want to visit us is not available – contact us and we will see if there is an opportunity for us to open up the park to you.

  • Unfortunately, we have limited opportunities for changing clothes in the park as our facilities are located in a forest environment. Toilets are available, but as many people need to go to the toilet before and after their activity, we appreciate if you change before you come to us.
    We do not have a shower in any of our parks either, but we have collaborations with e.g. Alidebergsbadet in Borås where you can buy a shower card to shower and change after the activity. Contact us at if you want help arranging a shower after your activity, and we will try to help you as best we can.

  • For all our activities, you should wear comfortable clothes according to the weather. Many people prefer work out clothes and sneakers. Remember to wear shoes that fits well on the foot and cover the toes – soles with patterns usually give better grip than completely smooth soles. If it is cold outside, underwear can be good, but avoid taking the thickest down jacket or other similar clothing. This is because the harness should fit tightly on your body, over your clothes, and you have to wear a helmet on your head.

    Put long hair in a ponytail, leave all jewellery and loose items at home. Also, avoid wearing scarves or other loose fluttering clothes.

  • You can get to all our parks by public transport or car. Parking options are available at each park, but be out in good time as we share the parking lot with e.g. Borås Djurpark or Ängelholms Hembygdspark (depending on the city). During the high season, it can be difficult to find parking near the park.

    You will receive an exact description of how to find us in your booking confirmation, and you can also search for all our parks on Google Maps. You can also find directions here.

  • At Upzone Adventure Parks, we use CliC-iT® carabiners to keep safety on top for all our guests in the high-altitude courses. CliC-iT® is a Swedish development used in high-altitude courses around the world. It is a communicating system where one carabiner is locked if the other is open. As a guest of all our parks, you use the CliC-iT® hooks as they minimize the risk of unlinking both insurance hooks at the same time – so that you can have fun and both be and feel safe when you climb.

    Upzone is also the official reseller of CliC-iT® in Sweden, so feel free to contact us if you want more information.

  • We work a lot with preventive safety in our parks, and therefore want you to take off all your jewellery and piercings before you climb. For example, it can be easy to get caught by mistake if you have earrings, a watch/bracelet, rings or similar on you. If you take off the jewellery and leave it at home, we can avoid it.

  • If you need help, do not worry! We always have at least two instructors on-site to keep an eye on you during the climb. Even if you may not see us between the trees, we are there. If you need help or have a question, you can call on us, and we will come and help you further.

    Should a situation arise, where you need help during climbing the course, we can also quickly climb up to you and abseil you down with the help of our rescue system. We have a comprehensive rescue and evacuation plan in which all our instructors are also trained. Besides, we have scenario days where our instructors can train rescue work in the park. All our instructors are trained according to the International Adventure Park Association’s standards to keep safety at the top of our parks.

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