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Mind Arena

Take on the role of a secret agent and reach the goal before everyone else – find the missing diamond!

Find your partner and go on a journey around the world through 5 different countries. During the journey, you encounter clever challenges that provide you with clues to the missing diamond. Sharpen your brain cells! This game will test your teamwork as well as physical and mental ability.

Game information:

The game lasts for 1 – 1.5 hours and is played outside, so dress according to the weather. You can be between 4 – 30 participants and we recommend that the participants are +12 years old. The game can be played in Swedish and English.

For larger groups, Mind Arena is played in separate worlds that allow multiple teams to find the missing diamond and take home the prize!

  • Cost


    Up to 10 participants, after that 390sek/ person

  • Players

    Minimum 4 participants

  • For booking

    Contact us with your request!

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