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Childrens party

Climbing party

– Celebrate with adventure at Upzone!

Give your child a birthday to remember with their friends among the treetops! Experience the joy when the children climb and challenge each other in our different courses. It will be a day filled with laughter, excitement and courage!

Our high-altitude tracks are located in a beautiful forest environment, which gives children the feeling of being real adventurers. They will climb, balance and overcome obstacles with the support of our professional instructors. A party that both strengthens self-confidence and creates unforgettable moments.

Activity info
Time: 2,5h
Day: We have our climbing parties on Sundays, if you want to come on another day, you pay ord.price for the climbing.
Number of participants: Minimum of 6 children for booking
Length: The length limit for our children’s parties is from 125cm
(Borås, Skövde och Kalmar from +110cm)

We recommend that at least one adult climbs with you during the party.

Upzone’s guides are on site for all guests during the day. And don’t actively climb during the party, as they are there to support other guests in the park as well. It is therefore appreciated when parents climb with them and help the children to reach new heights. So take the opportunity to have fun and encourage and coach the children through their climb.

Eat in the park
The party does not include food, but feel free to bring your own picnic or barbecue items to eat before or after the climb. We have cozy seats in the park and barbecue facilities nearby, but remember to bring your own cabbage for this.
(Except Sollentuna, which has no grill, but cozy seating is available)

Payment and booking conditions
Make your booking request below, then we will get back to you if we can accommodate you on the day and time you wish. You can wait with the payment to 7 days before the booked date and it is also possible to change the number of climbing children until then.


    Climbing party: SEK 250/child

  • Age

    7-10 years

    Book at least one adult/5 children to facilitate the flow in the park and for the party to be as good as possible.

  • +11 years

    No adults are needed, they usually manage the climbing by themselves. But feel free to add an adult and take the opportunity to have fun with your children.

  • Length

    From: 125cm

    *Borås, Kalmar, Skövde from 110cm

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