Can you give away an adventure as a gift?

Absolutely! Give away a gift card from Upzone and give away an experience late to forget!

Step 1 :

Select the type of gift card. Gift cards with any amount allow you to choose which amount you want to give away.

Steg 2:

NOTE! The recipient’s email is the email address to which the gift card is sent immediately after purchase. Therefore, choose your own email address if you are going to give

away the gift card at a later time. Optional message on the gift card can also be filled in here. Press continue.

Step 3:

Here you fill in information about you as a buyer and pay in the last step for your booking (gift card). As soon as the payment is completed,

both a booking confirmation and the gift card are sent to the specified email address – if you have chosen another email address in step two, this is where the gift card is sent.

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Terms and conditions

Please read this carefully!

  • NOTE! Read through our three steps before proceeding with your purchase. You will find the three steps right here above
  • The gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and is valid in all Upzone parks and does not renewed under any circumstances
  • If you want to buy several gift cards for different people, click on "add additional booking" after you have created your first gift card
  • The gift card can be used within the validity period on one or more separate occasions until the entire value has been used up.
  • The gift card can be used as payment and booking of all Upzone products.