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Schedule for the activity

Schedule for the activity

The layout of our activities is a little different depending on what you have booked. But always make sure to be on place no later than 15 minutes before your activity begins. Then you have time to check in and get information that you need.

The activity begins the time you have booked.

 High Rope Course:

When you have checked in and left all your  items and jewelry, you will received gloves and a helmet. After that an instructor will call you and have a joint review of how to put on the harness. When everyone has put on their harness, the instructor will walk around and check the harnesses so that they fit well on everyone.

After everyone has been checked and approved, you will make a short stop in the park where the guides will go through briefly about the courses and about the different length limits.

After that, you will undergo a safety instruction with an instructor on our intro course. This is also done in groups and several families and groups of friends can be booked in the same group. According to the safety instructions, everyone warms up on the intro track, which is 1 meter above the ground. After that, there is free climbing in the courses for the remaining time, and you can split up and spread out on different courses. Depending on how fast you and your friends climb, you will have time for different numbers of courses.

There is always an instructor on site in the park who keeps an eye on and coaches everyone climbing – who you can call if you have any questions or want tips in the event of an obstacle. Of course, you do not have to climb all your booked time, you can return the equipment earlier, however, you may not climb longer than your time of 2.5 hours. When the time is up, an instructor will help you get rid of the harness where you put it on.

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