Barn. pa barnkalas hos Upzone

Children’s Party

High rope course

At Upzone you will get a real adventure – a party to remember! The adventure begins with a safety instruction of about 30 minutes, then the fun can begin. Which zones the children are allowed to climb depends on their length. The party should be chosen according to the length of the majority of the children.

At least one adult must climb together with the children during the party and this one spot is included in the price. One of our instructors will keep an eye on the children but they will also supervise safety as well as support and help other customers in the park. Therefore, it will also be more fun for the children if they have adults with them when climbing. You will be an esteemed teammate and together you will reach new heights.

No food is included in the children’s party, but you are more than welcome to bring your own picnic to enjoy before or after your climbing.

Treasure hunt

Do you want to end the party with a fun treasure hunt after the climb?
Ad on the treasure Hunt as option when submitting your booking request.
The staff on-site arranges the actual treasure hunt, but you must bring the treasure yourself – maybe chocolate coins or fruit sticks, your choice. The box for the treasure is about 20x30cm and 5cm deep.

This activity is available in:

  • Borås

  • Gällö

  • Gothenburg

  • Kalmar

  • Luleå

  • Oxelösund

  • Skövde

  • Västervik (Bookable in spring 2022)

  • Åhus

  • Ängelholm

  • Young adventurers

    Length 125 - 144 cm

  • Big adventurers

    Length 145 cm +

  • Maximum party participants

    12 children + 3 adults

  • Time duration

    2,5 hour and 30 minutes optional treasure hunt


  • Price

    Big adventurers maximum 6 children - SEK 2,100

    1 compulsory climbing adult.

  • Big adventurers 6 - 12 children - SEK 3900

    2 compulsory climbing adults.

  • Young adventurers Maximum 4 children - SEK 1200

    1 compulsory climbing adult.

  • Adult co-climber

    Young adventures 5 - 8 children - SEK 2200

    2 compulsory climbing adults.

  • Young adventures 9 - 12 children - SEK 3300

    3 compulsory climbing adults.

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