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Children’s Party

Climbing party

– with a fun treasure hunt!

At Upzone you will get a real adventure – a party to remember! The adventure begins with a safety instruction of about 30 minutes, then the fun can begin. Which zones the children are allowed to climb depends on their length. The party should be chosen according to the length of the majority of the children.

Activity info:

Time: 2.5h + 30 min optional treasure hunt
Length: The length limit for our children’s parties is from 125cm

At least one adult must climb with during the party and the price includes climbing for an adult companion. Guide will be with your children during this time and at the same time monitor safety, support and help all guests in the park. It is appreciated when parents climb along and help the children to reach new heights.

Treasure hunt

The party ends with a fun treasure hunt after the climb! Let the kids be challenged and put their clever heads together to solve the mystery to the treasure!
*The treasure hunt is adapted for children 6-10 years old and optional to complete!

The staff on site organizes the treasure hunt itself, but you can bring the treasure yourself – perhaps chocolate coins, a small candy bag or fruit bars, you choose.

  • Borås

  • Gällö

  • Gothenburg

  • Kalmar

  • Oxelösund

  • Skövde

  • Västervik

  • Åhus

  • Ängelholm


    Length 125 - 144 cm

  • Big adventurers

    Length 145 cm +

    1 compulsory climbing adult.

  • Maximum party participants

    12 children + 3 adults

    2 compulsory climbing adults.

  • Time duration

    2,5 hour and 30 minutes optional treasure hunt

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