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Three important components in her way of working are insight, action and effect. In collaboration with Upzone, she works with experience-based learning where you together as a team build trust and challenge yourself both physically and mentally.

"Mathilda has an ability to capture important topics by asking straightforward and powerful questions. She also has the courage to keep sensitive and charged issues - she does not let go." - Martin Svedar, Regional Manager at Wise Consulting


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Courage is a muscle that we train when we experience fear. All development requires training, both individually and in groups. If you want to develop as a team and build courage in a safe situation with a professional coach, then this is the approach for you.


Upzone collaborates with Mathilda Ekström who runs Mervärde AB.

- With a multi-year background in change management, I started Mervärde AB with the aim of strengthening and challenging leaders and businesses in development.


She does this mainly through leadership development, team development and support in recruitment. Her core competencies are communication, team development, leadership and change processes.

- I think that all types of leadership are a fresh product that is strengthened by strategic reflection and action.


During her 14 years as a coach and social psychologist, she has had the privilege of leading development processes for over a thousand individuals in companies from different industries and in different sizes.



Teambuilding with Coach