SUP - Borås

Stand-up paddling or SUP is a combination of surfing and paddling that is performed standing up. It is a growing sport that has gained a real foothold in outdoor life.

What is SUP?

Stand-up paddling or SUP is a fast-growing sport. As it is a combination of surfing and kayaking, it is a gentle form of exercise that suits most people, regardless of age or physical level. While paddling, you train your whole body with a focus on torso strength and balance. SUP is also popular as a recreation where you as a practitioner can easily get out into nature without major preparations - to then get a soothing and magical experience on the water. We use high-quality inflatable boards from Kona Sports AB. Kona Sports can help you if you yourself would like to buy a SUP and be an intermediary in the purchase.

SUP Beginner

SUP Advanced


2 hours of activity of which 90 minutes of active paddling. Experienced instructor on site. Good for exercise and recreation.

495 SEK/person. (Minimum 3 participants)



2 hours of which 90 minutes is active paddling. Private instructor with more focus on techniques for training and competition.

595 SEK/person. (Minimum 3 participants)

Day trip of 6 hours with a guide. You get to learn the basics and when everyone is ready we paddle for about two hours to an excursion destination. There we offer lunch from Upzone including drinks. Then we go out on the water again and paddle on. Perfect for you who want to make a proper family outing.
1.395 SEK/ person. (Minimum 3 participants)

SUP Meditation

Meditation exercises at a SUP where there are no other distractions apart from the water while we train balance and torso strength.
595 SEK/person. (Minimum 3 participants)

SUP Heldagsäventyr


  • This activity is on water - therefore it is good to be able to swim, but it is not a requirement.

  • Children under 14 require the guardian's written permission and attendance.

What do you need to bring?

  • As the activity takes place on the water, there is a risk of getting wet. Recommended clothes are therefore swimwear or wool underwear with regular training clothes over. Preferably wind and water-repellent jacket. A hat is also good to have with you.

  • Towel.

  • Water and nutrition. For example, an energy bar or fruit.

  • Sunglasses.