high rope course


Our school class offer is a really good group price for primary schools / high schools - applies on weekdays during the school term.


You get 2 hours of adventure, including loan of equipment, safety instruction and climbing on up to 4 of our high-altitude courses with different levels of difficulty depending on age and group size.


During the instruction, all students learn how to climb and secure themselves with CliC-iT® carabiners.
Read more about safety at Upzone here



For students 6-11 years, one adult is needed per 7 students, where the adult does not have to climb but must have supervision during the activity. If adults want to climb with and help, they only pay SEK 200 per harness.

For students over 12+ years, one adult is needed per 10 students, where the adult does not have to climb but must have supervision during the activity. If adults want to climb with and help, they only pay SEK 200 per harness.


All climbing participants must sign a Terms of Use. Please print and ask students to take home to their guardians for a signature.
Bring the Terms of Use and hand them in at the park at check-in.


Price: SEK 4,900 up to 20 students,

thereafter SEK 200 per student.


NOTE! applies only on weekdays until 16:00



Combine with SUP, kayak & canoe
Ängelholm and Borås

Kayak or SUP SEK 200 / pc

Canoe SEK 250 / pc



Feel free to combine all activities with each other for a full-day adventure. Ask us and we will help you.




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Borås, Luleå & Ängelholm med omnejd

Not so fond of heights? Then maybe this adrenaline-filled team adventure is something for you instead!


Armed with a bow and arrow, you compete against each other in teams in three different sub-competitions. Collect points in sniper, Capture the Flag and Last Team Standing. See which team cooperates best!


You can play Combat Archery Tag in our arenas or in a sports hall/grass field with you. We are flexible with the arrangements.


This includes:

1.5 hour adventure - including loan of equipment, and instructions.


Price: SEK 3,900 up to 20 students,

thereafter SEK 190 per student


Recommended age: 12+

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Borås, Luleå, Åhus & Ängelholm

NEW 2019

Now Upzone launches our new Amazing Race! In this unique game you take the role of groups of secret agents whose goal is to beat the other groups and find the lost diamond first. But to find it, you must first make a trip around the world where in six different countries you have to solve several tricky tasks which gives you clues that will lead you to where the diamond is hidden.


The challenges you face in the different countries are inspired by Escape Rooms and test both physical and mental ability. To be able to get through this game and have a chance to win requires quick thinking, communication and above all teamwork as collaboration is crucial to tackle the various tasks you will meet!


The final winners are the ones who find the diamond first and are rewarded with both the honor and a surprise! For large groups, the Amazing Race is played in different worlds which also means that more than one team has the chance to find the diamond and be crowned the winner.

  • Between 20-300 participants

  • Time: 1 - 1.5 hours depending on group size and wishes

  • Can be played with us or any place indoors and outdoors

  • Can be played in English

  • Can be divided into several shorter parts during a conference

Price 3900 SEK up to 10 participants thereafter 350 SEK per person excluding VAT.

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