high ropes course - KALMAR

Adventurous experience among the treetops. Climb and balance your way through various obstacles up in the air, or fly in the sky on our zip lines between the tall trees. 

high rope course

Adventure climbing on our high ropes courses is an adventure of 2.5 hours, where you get to experience high altitudes, climb, balance and ride the zip line among the treetops.


A fun challenge where everyone can climb on their own level. So it's okay if any of you are a little afraid of heights - we at Upzone will take good care of you.


What is included?

- 2.5 hours of activity, including equipment and instructions

- Access to all courses for which the length limit is met

Here you can see the courses in Kalmar.


How does it work?

All guests first get help with the equipment, and you will then learn how to climb and secure yourself in the tracks on our intro track. Then there is free climbing in the tracks. You are supervised by our IAPA-trained instructors while you climb. They can help you and give tips if needed. So just relax, focus on having fun and enjoying the surroundings. Here you can read more about a visit to the High Ropes Course.


Length limit from 100 cm Weight limit   120 kilos






Groups, bachelorette parties & bachelorette parties

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