High ropes course

Borås, Ängelholm, Luleå,

Kalmar och Åhus. 

Upzone is a fantastic activity for your association.

You get 2.5 hours of adventure - including a loan of equipment, safety instructions, and climbing on 4 -6 courses depending on which park you choose. All courses have different levels of difficulty and length limits.


During the instruction, all participants will learn how to climb and secure themselves with CliC-iT® carabiners.
Read more about safety at Upzone here


For association members 8-10 years, an adult must be responsible for and climb together with a maximum of 3 children. 


All climbing participants must sign a User Terms and Conditions which will be sent out with a booking confirmation. Please print out and ask all association members to take home a guardian for signature.
Bring the Terms of Use and hand them in at the park at check-in.



If you book your places online in each booking calendar under each city Borås , Ängelholm , Luleå , Åhus and Kalmar , you can book your places for only SEK 395 per person. Participants under 145 cm only pay SEK 295.





Vill du uppleva ett äventyr på hög nivå tillsammans med din förening? Vi har aktiviteter för grupper på 2-300 personer. På denna sida kan du läsa mer om de olika upplevelserna.

Escape game
CAMP 357

You are a bunch of friends who have long heard myths and legends about the mysterious Upzone forest. You have now decided to go into the woods for a camping trip. After a day of hiking and kayaking, you all sit around the campfire and tell horror stories. Late into the night, you finally manage to fall asleep, despite the scary stories. When you wake up the next morning, the nightmares that have plagued you during the night have come true ...


Inspired by the cool Escape Room trend, we have turned up the volume and put our own Upzone touch on the game. You are now welcome to try our Outdoor Escape Game. In an atmospheric environment, you have an hour to crack codes and solve clues - before you are all beyond rescue. To master this tricky game requires quick thinking, cunning, and teamwork!


If you want, you can also challenge friends, family and colleagues in Battle Mode - to see which team is really the best. You can also have a picnic or grill something good in the park after the game. Or we can come to your party and/or activity.


NOTE: You will have blindfolded eyes and be chained
(in chains that are easy to remove if needed) during a small part of the game.



  • From 12 years

  • Time: 60 min

  • Between 2-35 participants (more than 7 participants are played in Battle Mode)

  • Can be played in English

  • Can be played at a setting of your choice

  • Note that the game is played outdoors. Do not forget clothes according to the weather!

Minimum price SEK 2,900 for up to 10 participants,

thereafter SEK 250 / person


We can also come to you!

Mobile price SEK 3,900 for up to 10 people

thereafter SEK 350 / person



Not so fond of heights? Then do this adrenaline-filled team adventure instead!


Armed with a bow and arrow, you compete against each other in teams in three different sub-competitions. Collect points in sniper, Capture the Flag and Last Team Standing.

See which team cooperates best.


You can play Combat Archery Tag in our arenas, in the sports hall, or on a lawn with you.
We are flexible with the arrangements.


Can be played directly in our parks Borås , Ängelholm , Skövde & Luleå. But can also be played in your city if requested Feel free to fill in our booking request.



Escape game
The Hidden Treasure

Dear friend,
If you are reading this, I have taken my last breath and I want to entrust you with my deepest secret. In my possession, I have five treasure chests that I accessed during my travels as a young man.
I'll leave you with directions to the place I hid the coffins and a key you need to access the treasure.
Remember I'm always watching over you ...

Shortly after your dear friend's death, you will receive a letter telling him about the legacy he leaves behind - a great treasure that he gained during his travels. The letter contains a key and directions that you need to be able to unlock the chests and access the treasure. You gather your closest friends and together you take on the task of cracking the mysterious riddles and cracking the codes to break open the treasure chests. But be vigilant! To access the tax requires quick thinking, cunning and teamwork!


Play this fun escape game with friends, family and colleagues! You can also challenge each other in Battle Mode to see which team is really the best.


  • From 15 years (from 12 years in adult company)

  • Time: 60 min

  • Between 4-20 participants (more than 10 participants are played in Battle mode)

  • Can be played in English

  • Can be played in a location of your choosing.

  • Note that the game is played outdoors. Do not forget clothes according to the weather!



Minimum price SEK 2,900 for up to 10 people, then SEK 250 per person



We can also come to you!

Mobile price SEK 3,900 for up to 10 people

thereafter SEK 350 per person


NEW 2019

Now Upzone launches our new Amazing Race! In this unique game you take the role of groups of secret agents whose goal is to beat the other groups and find the lost diamond first. But to find it, you must first make a trip around the world where in six different countries you have to solve several tricky tasks which gives you clues that will lead you to where the diamond is hidden.


The challenges you face in the different countries are inspired by Escape Rooms and test both physical and mental ability. To be able to get through this game and have a chance to win requires quick thinking, communication and above all teamwork as collaboration is crucial to tackle the various tasks you will meet!


The final winners are the ones who find the diamond first and are rewarded with both the honor and a surprise! For large groups, the Amazing Race is played in different worlds which also means that more than one team has the chance to find the diamond and be crowned the winner.

  • Between 20-300 participants

  • Time: 1 - 1.5 hours depending on group size and wishes

  • Can be played with us or any place indoors and outdoors

  • Can be played in English

  • Can be divided into several shorter parts during a conference

Price 3900 SEK up to 10 participants thereafter 350 SEK per person excluding VAT.

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