Outdoor Escape Games Ängelholmlholm

In 2019, Upzones Escape Games was launched.

Can be played in Upzonepark, in tents, windbreaks, forests or other cool outdoor environments.

Escape game - Ängelholm

Escape game
CAMP 357

You are a bunch of friends who have long heard myths and legends about the mysterious Upzone forest. You have now decided to go into the woods for a camping trip. After a day of hiking and kayaking, you all sit around the campfire and tell horror stories. Late into the night, you finally manage to fall asleep, despite the scary stories. When you wake up the next morning, the nightmares that have plagued you during the night have come true ...


Inspired by the cool Escape Room trend, we have turned up the volume and put our own Upzone touch on the game. You are now warmly welcome to try our Outdoor Escape Game. In an atmospheric environment, you have an hour to crack codes and solve clues - before you are all beyond rescue. To master this tricky game requires quick thinking, cunning, and teamwork!


If you want, you can also challenge friends, family, and colleagues in Battle Mode - to see which team is really the best. You can also have a picnic or grill something good in the park after the game. Or we can come to your party and/or activity.


NOTE: You will have blindfolded eyes and be chained
(in chains that are easy to remove if needed) during a small part of the game.


  • From 12 years in adult company

  • Time: 60 min

  • Between 2-35 participants (more than 7 participants are played in Battle Mode )

  • Can be played in English

  • Can be played in any place

  • Note that the game is played outdoors. Do not forget clothes according to the weather!


Price: Up to 5 people - SEK 1,450. Thereafter SEK 290 / person.

It is possible to book on Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday via our booking calendar.

If you want to test the game another day or time, contact us via

the contact form below.


We can also come to you!

Mobile price SEK 3,900 for up to 10 people. thereafter 350kr / person.