High Rope Course

An Adventurous experience among the tree tops. Through a combination of climbing, sport, courage and play you get through various of obstacles or ziplines that are tied up among tall trees.  



Challenge your friends in an epic battle and find out if you have what it takes. It is time to travel back in time and put your survival instincts to a test, this time with only bow and arrow.


High Rope Course

Age: 6 years          Weight limit: 120 kg 

Our high rope courses are a challenge, where you can come across your fear of hights or get to know yourself in a challenging situation.


Climb from platform to platform among the tree tops up to 11 meters in Borås. Swing into nets, balance the wire and throw yourself out in our wonderful ziplines. 


For us, security is a number one priority and you are constantly supervised by our trained and qualified instructors, therefore you can relax and enjoy the surroundings! The adventure begins with a safety instruction before you with excitment and dedication start to climb our courses. 


One thing are for sure, at Upzone you get to test your limits and discover new abilities you didn’t think you had. So do not hesitate, book your next challenge today! 

Is the day or time you want to book not available?

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Please contact us, and we will do our best to help you, boka@upzone.se or (+46) 33-41 17 41

In the booking calendar you find our opening hours. 


Adventure Day


Combat Archery Tag

You can feel the tension in the air, your puls increasing and your heart beating faster. Your fingers are twitching and you are ready to throw yourself into the battlefield.

Two rounds are already settled and the score is even after Bullseye and Capture the Flag. Now it will be decided, and on the other side of the plan you can see the opponents equally ready. The start signal suddenly rings in your ears and all you can think of is that you have to get to the arrows first to survive.


Now it's no game anymore, now it's serious. It's about shooting or getting shot, and being The Last Team Standing.

Time: 1,5 h
Equipment: Bow, foam arrows, face- and armguard are borrowed. 
What do you need?
Comfortable clothes, fast shoes, a good mood and a lot of enthusiasm

10-13 participants 395 kr / person
14 or more participants 350 kr / person
Booking of indoor hall from 600 kr


Experience an adrenalin rush beyond the usual.

Do you dare to take the step out of our gigant swing?



Standing on a platform 9 meters above the ground, you look out among the tree tops. The sweat drops dripping down your forehead and reflects the sunlight. You feel the adrenaline rush through your body.


Your breathing is increasing and you know it's time to take the step.

You take one last deep breath and with the heart in your throat you step out of the platform and let the giant swing catch you.

Wow, you did it and you are absolutely thrilled!

Time: Depends on the size of the group.
Equipment: Full body harness, helmet and gloves are lent in place.
What do you need?
Comfortable clothing, a lot of courage and a wish for an adrenalin rush beyond the usual!

Gladiator duel

Challenge your friends and get an experience you never forget!


Gladiator Duel

Put your courage, strenght and skills on test in our fun Gladiator Duel! Challange each other in one of our toughest challanges at high altitude. Who is the last standing and the winner of the 8 meter high duel? You compete individually against each other, the winners gets the honor and the first prize! 


Suitable for groups of 4-15 participants and the arrangement may vary depending on the size of the group. 

Time: 1-2 h
Uquipment: Full body harness, helmet and gloves are lent in place.
What do you need?
Comfortable clothing, good shoes, a good team spirit and a lot of enthusiaism 


Can you handle a stressfull situation? Prove that you can keep calm even under pressure and get the

"Climb Master" titel!



Your harness is fastened and your instructor has hooked you onto our climbing device. A quick look at the handles strapped around the tree forces you to collect your thoughts.

You only have two attempts, it is important to stay focused. The ice picks used in the second round are ready but first you are going to climb normally.


There is only one thing on your mind - climbing to the top as fast as possible in order to get the title "Climb Master"

Time: Depends on the size of the group
Equipment: Full body harness, helmet and gloves are lent in place.
What do you need?
Comfortable clothing, strong arms and a lot of willpower!


Sharing an adventure means sharing memories. Bring your friends and create experiences you won't forget!

Come to us at your hen/stage party! We have several activities, great for groups or if you want to give the bride or groom an extraordinary challenge during their day. We can also help and arrange if you want additional clues for the next activity or add tasks during the activity if you have your own ideas. 



Invite your friends to a birthday party or suprise someone with an extra ordinary experience! Zipline among treetops, balance on logs and jump into giant nets. Have fun and challenge each other with a fun activity. 


If you want to, it’s possible to have a barbecue on site. To book, please contact us here


Bring the school class and make an experience that promotes students’ group dynamic and teamwork. Our activities teaches each individual how willpower, courage and determination can take you far, All whilst having a great time with the classmates. The perfect challenge for adventurous students! To book, please contact us here


Upzone Borås is located next to Borås Zoo. Follow the signs to "djurpark" and park your car next to the zoo. Keep to the the left of the zoo entrance and follow the Upzone signs.

Adress: Vilénplan



Take bus number 1 (Sjöbo) from södra torget to Boråsparken. It takes aproximatly 10 minutes from the center of Borås 

GPS Decimal: 57.7412, 12.9412