High Ropes Course – Gallö

An adventurous experience among the treetops. In a combination of climbing, sports, courage and play, you get through various obstacles and ziplines.

Fun adventure at hight

Climbing in our high ropes courses is a physical adventure for 2.5 hours – during the activity you get to experience varying heights of climb and balance in an obstacle course that is stretched among the treetops. In all our climbing parks, there are also fun ziplines of various lengths that will make your stomach tingle.
A fun challenge where everyone can climb on their own level. See how your child or your friend dares to take that extra step that they did not think they would dare. Our guides will always be available on the ground to coach you through the obstacle course. At Upzone, we love to take care of you.

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Safety first

All guests first receive help with the equipment. You will then learn how to climb and secure yourself in the courses on our intro zone. Then there is free climbing in our various courses. You are supervised by our IAPA-trained instructors while you climb. They are happy to help you and give tips if needed. So just relax, focus on having fun and enjoying the surroundings. Upzone performs daily visual inspections as well as regular operational inspections. All guests climb with a full body harness and we use CliC-iT® carabiners to ensure maximum safety. It is a communicating system with two carabiners, where, if one is open, the other will remain locked. In all our parks, you as a guest use the CliC-iT® carabiners as they minimize the risk of disconnecting both of your safety points at the same time, so that you can have fun and be safe when you climb.

Length limit: From 125 cm
Weight limit: 120 kg

Why not stay the night?

We have five timbered cabins with four beds in each. Of course, you will have access to our service house around the clock. Or why not stay comfortably in our little forest grove near the Ski Tunnel!
There you can stay in a Canvas tent with its own veranda and a view down to Revsundssjön. Take advantage and enjoy the proximity to the forest, the lake and of course the ski tunnel.


Young adventurers

125 - 144 cm


SEK 295kr

Which courses are included?

  • Fitness Zone

  • Adventure Zone

Adults adventurers

From 145 cm (children or adult)


SEK 395 kr

Which courses are included?

  • Fitness Zone

  • Adventure Zone

  • Risk Zone

Family Offer

Bring your family to a real adventure!

Big Adventurers SEK 336/ Young Adventurers SEK 265

Applies to at least 3 participants and a maximum of 6 participants.
Each booking must consist of a minimum of 1 adult but a maximum of 2 adults and children up to 18 years.

Book our family offer - same adventure at a better price.
There is a limited number of places per day.
Select Family Climbing in the booking calendar.

The family package is bookable on Saturdays and Sundays during the remaining season (2021).


This activity can be challenging for children, we therefore recommend that an adult actively climbs with younger children. If this is not possible, we have a requirement that at least 1 adult per 4 children who must keep an active eye from the ground.
You are not allowed to climb if you are pregnant.

Courses description


In Fitness Zone the challenge begins with a little more technically challenging obstacles. Climb through tunnels, fly away in a zipline and balance over the logs.

Highest point: 10 meters
Number of obstacles: 9
Length limitd: from 125 cm

For children between 125 cm – 144 cm, we recommend that someone older actively climbs with the child and helps when needed. 


Now it´s starting to get high! Adventure Zone is usually the favorite course for many with several long ziplines and fun obstacles. Balance on skis and swing along the treetops and enjoy the ride!

Highest point: 9 meters
Number of obstacles: 13
Length limit: from 125 cm

For children between 125 cm – 144 cm, we recommend that someone older actively climbs with the child and helps when needed. 


In Riskzone even the most fearless are challenge with technical, physically demaning and long obstacles. Riskzone is one of our thoughest courses in all our parks, and ends with a Big Jump of 13 meters! Do you dare??

Highest point: 13 meter
Number of obstacles: 10
Length limit: from 145 cm

For children between 125 cm – 144 cm, we recommend that someone older actively climbs with the child and helps when needed. 

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