Are you open?


Yes we have!

We follow the authorities' recommendations and keep abreast of the new advice that is coming out, which means that we are currently open as usual, but have taken measures to reduce the risk of possible spread of infection.


Read more about how you can help to reduce the spread of infection on the Folhälsa authority's website HERE .




What measures have you taken at Upzone to reduce the risk of infection?


- We have reduced the number of participants in the instructions and will ensure that not too many people stay in the same place in the park at the same time. The whole activity is also outdoor and it is easy to keep a distance from one another.


- Up in the tracks we recommend that you do not climb over to the next platform if there is someone you do not know there, in order to more easily keep distance from other participants. Also help us by taking responsibility for ourselves, showing respect for each other and keeping distance from other visitors / parties in the park during the activity.


- We recommend all our guests to book in advance and the number of seats is limited so that we can avoid large crowds of people.


- Every participant gets a new pair of gloves to use during the activity, you are welcome to bring your own durable gloves (eg work gloves) as well.


- Toilets are cleaned at more frequent intervals, and we remove towels in shared toilets and use only paper towels.


- Helmets and equipment are disinfected.


- Personnel who do not work in operation work from home.

- Personnel who know the signs of illness are sick from the first symptoms.




What happens if Upzone needs to set the activity?


If we need to set up our activities, e.g. if staff show symptoms and need to stay at home or if the authorities' recommendations are changed so that we are not allowed to stay open, we will of course contact you as soon as possible with information. We appreciate if you have the opportunity to book your activity for another day, but if you do not go there you will of course get the money back.




I dare not book anything, what if I or someone I booked for becomes ill?


During April-August, we have eased our booking terms to make you feel safe as a guest with us. We are very happy if you still want to book activities with us, and help us through this tough time for many companies, and should this period need to be extended we will do so.


Our usual generous booking conditions still apply. In addition, you have free re-booking so you can come another day (or get a free ticket that can be used later) if someone gets sick or shows any cold symptoms such as sniff, cough or fever. If you feel the slightest ill at home and contact us we will re-book your activity to another date or arrange a free ticket for you.


Read more about the booking terms here!




Do you have more questions?


Contact us here!