combat archery tag göteborg

Combat Archery Tag is a mix between paintball, archery and dodgeball.



 Now in the fall and winter, we can finally offer Combat Archery Tag indoors. We can play at Priority Serneke Arena in Kviberg where you also have access to gym, club rooms, injury clinic, hotels, conference rooms, restaurant, bar and cafes.

Or we play in Vallhalla Sports Hall and Lundenhallen. If you want to play in another hall in town, there is no problem.


We play at Heden Sportplats or in Kviberg in their outdoor areas.

We can also play on other outdoor areas directly with you or at your conference venue, as long as the conditions are right.


Each participant will each receive Combat Archery goggles, arm guards and a Combat archery tag bow. The arrows are custom made with a padded foam tip.


All our bookings start with security review, technology training and sniper training,

             60 minutes

 375 SEK / person
14 + participants 325 SEK / person

Minimum 3750 SEK

An additional charge of 500 SEK will be added when booking indoors

             90 minutes


400 SEK / person 
14+ participants 350 SEK / person

Minimum 4400 SEK 

An additional charge of 500 SEK will be added when booking indoors

            120 minutes


425 SEK / person 
14+ participants 400 SEK / person

Minimum 7650 SEK

When booking an indoor hall, an additional fee of 1000 SEK will be added.


 Combat Archery Tag is a perfect activity for team building and kickoff. You can also challenge your colleagues in our fun high-altitude course or test their creativity in our smart mobile escape games.