Children's Parties

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Are you planning a children's party? We have the perfect activity for you and the kids. With us, the day will be an adventure - a party that you will all remember!


The adventure begins with a safety briefing of about 30 minutes, then the adventure can begin. A guide will be there at all times to monitor safety, support and help. There are different climbing zones in the park and thus always a zone that fits regardless of the size of the children.


Depending on the length of the children, you can book the following party:

Young adventurers  
Children with a length of 125 - 144 cm

Basic price up to 7 participants (6 children + 1 adult): 1.750 SEK
thereafter 250 SEK/person

Included in the price: climbing in 3 zones and treasure hunting


Great adventurers  
Children with a length of 145 cm

Basic price up to 7 participants: 2.100 SEK
thereafter 300 SEK/person

Included in the price: climbing in 4 zones and treasure hunting



NOTE! We fix the treasure hunt but you fix the content of the treasure.

Do not forget that birthdays are fun even for adults, so gather friends and relatives up in the treetops for a different day. Our children's party prices do not apply here, but there is the possibility of a group discount.

Kontakta oss
0046 33 411741
Kontakta oss
0046 33 411741

Children's Parties


Combat Archery Tag

13 years-17 years


Battle your friends with a bow and arrow in our cool arena. The mission is to find all three flags, that are a part of a code, to be able to open the treasure chest. A surprise awaits the winning team.


Combat Archery Tag - Capture the Flag is a bow game where all participants are assigned a bow. During the game, the participants must try to hit the opponents with the arrows and try to get over the flags. The arrows have a padded tip and it does not hurt to be hit.


The adventure lasts for approx. 1 hour. You have access to our party tent and barbecue area in the forest for approx. 30 minutes before the start of the adventure and 30 minutes after the end of the game. You can bring food or icecream etc. as well as a surprise for the young people that can be handed out at the end of the adventure.


Time required: ~ 2 hours.




Price: Up to 10 young people 1,950 SEK,

thereafter 149 SEK/person.