UPZONe Ängelholm

In Ängelholm you will find our largest adventure park with 6 courses up to 15 meters - in the middle of Hembygdsparken in central Ängelholm.


Adventure park in Ängelholm

In Ängelholm you will find our largest park with 6 courses up to 15 meters - in the middle of Hembygdsparken in central Ängelholm. When the trees are covered with leaves, it is like climbing in a jungle up among the treetops. In this park you can also play Combat Archery Tag and Outdoor Escape Game! Pytteskogen is located next to the adventure park and there is also a nice little ice cream parlour and several playgrounds for the smaller children.



Adventure climbing in the high ropes course

Length: from 125 cm Weight limit: 120 kilos


Adventure climbing is an activity that lasts 2.5 hours, where you can enjoy climbing among the treetops, overcome your fear of heights and get to know yourself in challenging situations. Climb from platform to platform 12 meters up among the treetops, swing in nets, balance on wires and throw yourself into our cable cars.


Safety is always the highest priority. Before embarking on that adventure, you will receive a safety briefing. During the climb, you move constantly under the supervision of our IAPA trained instructors. You can relax and focus on having fun and enjoying your surroundings! One thing is for sure, with us you test your limits and discover new skills in yourself, so do not hesitate - book your challenge today!


In the booking calendar below, select the date and press AVAILABILITY to book your adventure.


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NOTE!  Do you want to come with a larger group, e.g. school class, bachelor party, bachelor party or association? Are there no times in the booking calendar? No problem, we open the park for your company. You can book the day and time that suits you. Check out all our exciting group activities HERE !





Challenge your friends or colleagues in our climbing tree. Prove that you can stay calm in stressful situations and take home the title "Climb Master".



Age: from 6 years Weight limit: 120 kilos

The harness is fastened and the instructor has hooked you to the top fuse. You glance obliquely at the climbing grips that are fastened around the tree and try to gather your thoughts.


You have two attempts at you - it is important to stay focused. The ice picks are ready for the next round, but first, you have to climb normally. You have only one goal in mind: to get to the top of the tree first and in the shortest time take home the title " Climb Master ". "

Time: Depends on group size.

Equipment: Full body harness, helmet and gloves can be borrowed on-site.

What do you need?  Untender clothes, strong arms and a lot of willpower!


Sharing an adventure also means sharing memories. Bring friends and together you will experience something you'll never forget!

Time to celebrate! We have the perfect activity for anyone who is planning a children's party in Ängelholm. With us, the day will be an adventure - a party that you will remember.


Book a children's party for the smaller children in Pytteskogen or let them challenge their friends in Combat Archery Tag . Do not forget that birthdays are also fun for adults - so gather friends and relatives up in the treetops for a different day.

Bachellorette- & Bachelor party

Come to us at your bachelor party or bachelorette party. We have several activities that are suitable for groups or if you want to give the bride/groom an extra challenge during the day.


We can also help and rearrange the activity in ways to make the experience better for you. For example, maybe you want to include an extra clue to the next activity or another task during the activity.

School class

Bring the school class to us for an experience that promotes students' group dynamics and ability to work together. Even on a personal level, the students' willpower, courage and determination are challenged while they have real fun together. A nice experience for everyone in the class. 


We are located in the middle of Ängelholms Hembygdspark, between the museums and Pytteskogen. The easiest way is to park the longest on the road on Daniellundsgatan, the facility is located in the woods on the road.
Address: Thorslundsgatan 13


Skånetrafiken runs buses that stop nearby, the bus stop is called Ängelholms Hembygdspark and takes about 5 minutes from central Ängelholm.

GPS Decimal: 56.2551, 12.8655