High ropes courses in ÅHUS

Adventurous experience among the treetops.
Through a combination of climbing, sports, courage and play you will get thorugh various obstacles or ziplines among tall trees.


High Ropes Courses in Åhus



If you visit Åhus you will have the sea as a view when you climb on our high ropes courses. The courses are close to First Camp that is located on the beach where you can barbeque or take a swim in the sea. Here, you also can play our Outdoor Escape Game. Our activities are perfect to combine with a tour of the newly opened Absolut Home which is located near the park.

Adventure Climbing - High Ropes Courses

Age: from 8 years    Weight limit: 120 kg

Our High Ropes Courses is a 2,5 hour adventure where you can get to know yourself in challenging situations.


Climb from platform to platform up to 12 meters among the treetops. Swing into nets, balance on wires and obstacles, and throw yourself out on our thrilling ziplines.

For us, security is a number one priority and you are constantly supervised by our trained and certified intructors. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy your surroundings, and if you want you can get coaching and help if something feels too challenging. All our activities always begins with a safety briefing, after which you can with excitement take on the challenges you wish to tackle.

Don't hesitate to book your next challenge today! Select date and press the button TILLGÄNGLIGHET  to book your next adventure.

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OBS!  Vill du komma med en större grupp, t.ex. skolklass, möhippa, svensexa eller förening? Finns det inga tider i bokningskalendern?Inga problem, vi öppnar upp parken för ert sällskap. Du kan boka en dag och en tid som passar just er. Kolla in alla våra spännande gruppaktiviteter HÄR!



Sharing an adventure also means sharing memories. Bring your friends and create experiences you will never forget!

Time to celebrate. We have the perfect activity for those planning a children's party in Åhus. With us, the day becomes an adventure, a feast you will remember! Book a pedagogically valuable adventure for the smaller children in the fine Upzone forest with the Magic Adventure. Don't forget that birthdays are fun for adults too, so gather your friends and family up in the tree tops for a different day.

Come join us at your bachelorette or bachelor party! We have several activities that are great for groups or if you want to give the bride / groom an extra special challenge during the day. We can also help and arrange if you have your own ideas on ways to make the experience better for you! E.g. you may want to add some extra clue to the next activity or extra task during the activity.

Bring the school class with us for an experience that promotes students' group dynamics and collaborative ability. Even on a personal level, the students' willpower, courage and purposefulness are challenged while having fun together. A perfect experience to bring the class on!


The park is located at the far end of Fäd Operation, right on the beach. Park in the parking lots that are right by the park.

Address: Fädriften 1

Skånetrafiken runs buses that you can take to us. The nearest stop is called Åhus Åhusbryggan and takes about 35 min from central Kristianstad.

GPS Decimal: 55.9399, 14.3195