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"An exciting and action-packed adventure at great heights."
"An amazing experience, a challenge for all ages and levels."
"Skilled instructors and excellent courses set in a fantastic environment. Well worth returning to."

-Reviews from Tripadvisor

Now you have the opportunity to give your colleagues, friends or family a memory for life. A fun and challenging experience our adventure parks in Ängelholm, Ullared, Åhus and Borås. All gift certificates include equipment hire, instruction, and around 2 hours adventure. You can buy your gift card online and receive the gift card directly to your e-mail, so you don't have to wait!!

For small adventurers: 6-7 years. BORÅS only
This gift card includes Funzone. NOTE! At least one adult per 5 children who can observe from the ground. 195 SEK

For young adventurers: 8-10 years.
This gift card includes Funzone, Fitnesszone and Adventurezone. NOTE! Children must climb together with at least one active-climbing adult per two children. 295 SEK
In Ullared: 249 SEK

For big adventurers: 11 years and older.
This gift card includes Funzone, Fitnesszone, Adventurezone and Riskzone. 395 SEK 
OBS! In Ullared: 349 SEK

Note! If you want to buy more than one giftcard, you have to do it in two seperate transactions. If you need any help with your purchase, please contact our bookingcentral at email

The gift card can not be redeemed for cash. The gift card is a valuable document for experiences in Upzone Adventure parks. The gift card is valid for one year from date of purchase. NOTE! the gift card is not personal, anyone can utilize it.